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I agreed to build this model for a friend of mine some time ago and am just now getting around to it. This model is of the Old Series T.A.R.D.I.S.

It was made by Comet Miniatures and apparently is no longer available and my response to that is GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

Let me tell you this model sucks so bad it isn't even funny. It is solid resin and you can tell from the pictures below it is thick as hell. It is heavy, smells something awful and did NOT want to go together.

I had to use a ton of AVES to get it to match up semi decent. The thing was not meant for lights but my friend really wanted them so I had clear laser cut panels made and have cut holes with my router so I can backlight it.

No offense to the person who mastered this kit but the molding and casting left something to be desired. I am going to let the pictures of this build speak for themselves.

More Coming Soon!!!

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