Sov Replicas 1/72 Y-Wing and Scimitar are now being offered by Skidmarks Diecast Collectibles.

Site Re-Design is complete. On the bench Sov Replicas Y-Wing and Scimitar.

Site Re-Design is progressing.


This page is for all Current and past model build ups. More will be added as my site is updated.

1/72 Fine Molds Millenium Falcon - Build Up Pictures - In Progress

1/72 Sovereign Replicas Republic Y-Wing - Build Up Pictures - In Progress

Comet Miniatures T.A.R.D.I.S. - Build Up Pictures - In Progress

1/72 Sovereign Replicas EU Scimitar Bomber - Build Up Pictures - Finished

1/24 Captain Cardboard X-Wing - Build Up Pictures - Finished
Finished Pictures

1/72 Fine Molds X-Wing - Finished

1/24 MJ Viper - Build Up Pictures
Finished Pictures

AMT/ERTL U.S.S. Defiant - Project Discontinued

Farscape Peacekeeper Prowler - Project Discontinued

1/24 Nice-N TIE Fighter - Project Discontinued


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